Featured image for “You Know It’s Time to Rebrand When”
May 2024

You Know It’s Time to Rebrand When

Have you ever wondered why is it we’re almost always itching for a pandemonium when everything seems to be tranquil? The answer is simple. Change is the law of nature. Similarly, when your company is performing impressively, and so are your offerings, you might still feel the need to stir up things a little. A brand is as good as
Featured image for “Give your Brand a “New” look in 5 easy steps”
May 2024

Give your Brand a “New” look in 5 easy steps

Re-branding as a process seems herculean and almost a task you want to put away. But fret not, here are some tips and guidance that will help you achieve a new look for your brands seamlessly. We are adding some method to the madness. Step 1 – Review To start with, you need to review your brand offering, keeping in
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May 2024

Why Logos Fail?

A logo is your company’s identity encapsulated visually. It is an image that often creates the first impression. Therefore, the initial step that one takes while launching a new ventureis a logo reveal. This makes it one of the most crucial aspects about the brand’s existence. Hence, make sure you don’t fail at it, because a bad logo is often
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Apr 2024

BBT’s Tree of Life

In the liveliest corner of our office, there was a plain white wall that just couldn’t blend in. So, our creative crew decided to shake things up. They grabbed their brushes and painted a breathtaking “Tree of Life” filled with wisdom and energy. Each stroke isn’t just color; it’s a tale of teamwork. It’s not just art; it’s a symbol
Featured image for “Prime Group Appoints BBT for Global Real Estate Campaign”
Apr 2024

Prime Group Appoints BBT for Global Real Estate Campaign

We’re excited to share the latest development from Prime Landmarks, the leading force in Sri Lanka’s real estate sector. Prime Landmarks has handpicked BigBrand Theory (BBT) as its creative partner for an upcoming campaign set to make waves across the region. With Prime Landmarks’ esteemed reputation and BBT’s innovative approach, this collaboration promises a campaign that will captivate audiences and


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