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"The brand refresh is taking Trend Micro to a whole new level. It's bold, modern, refreshing and sophisticated. This has been possible with a partner like BigBrandTheory"

Tanya Leeson

Vice President,
Corporate Marketing

"The Impact Story Coffee Table Book is one of the most significant things we have done in the last four years of trying to build The Innovation Village. This is the only time I have seen the story captured in an extremely impressive way.Everyone was amazed by the quality and spirit, people began to understand our journey. It has become a status symbol for The Innovation Village. Whenever we host someone we gift the book to them as they head out. Fabulous work, exactly the kind of work I expected from BBT!"
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CK Japheth

The Innovation Village

"The Risk to Resilience World Tour was one of the most unique and first ever for Trend Micro. In the wake of Global Brand Refresh the most impactful and effective way to connect with prospects, contemporaries and collaborators was a global activation tour that focuses on the uprising of Risks and the need for resilience and puts in perspective the global leadership of Trend Micro. BigBrandTheory proved as an able partner right from the strategic nuances, creative conceptualisation to the execution of this mammoth project. Their strong integration and knowledge share on Trend Micro as a brand led to an effortless evolution of the brand refresh and a strong activation property. I truly appreciate the design intelligence and strategic acumen the team brings on the table."
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Stani Papallo

Senior Marketing Director,
Trend Micro, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

“Our new look has taken inspiration from the roots of a tree, symbolizing our commitment towards the grassroots working towards scalable social impact. It represents the circle of life, remaining true to our core value of collaborative growth, as we set our sights on the future. It has been a very rewarding transformation woking along with BigBrandTheory.”
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Alka Talwar

Chief Sustainability Officer,
Ncourage Social Enterprise Foundation